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Destiny Of love
We Fit Together Like A Glove
Lost In Time in the Glow of Our Love
Beside A Candlelit Table
You're Eyes Touched My Heart
My Soul Full Of Passion
Never Wanting To Be Apart

You Mold And Sculpt Me
Against Your Skin
I Part Myself Widely
To Let You In
To Be Taken Again
And Again And Again

Entering Me Deeply,
Growing Inside
Losing All Abandonment
Forgetting My Pride
Our Movements Together
Lost In A Glorious Stride

Stealing My Heart
You Managed So Well
No Amount of Words
For Me to Tell
And To Be Without You
Would Be A Living Hell

As If We Were the Only Living
We Strive and Continued to Keep on Giving
It Was A One Night Love
But Was Destined To Be
Even Though Miles Apart
A Memory to Last All Eternity