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About Me
First I’d like to welcome you to Creations. I am a single mom of
one teenage daughter who is the love of my life and a true blessing.
She's my miracle and everything I ever hoped for in a friend. It hasn’t
always been easy, but we manage to stick together through good and
bad times.

I live in Texas where the weather is hot and dry. Summertime heat ranges
at least in the 100’s and the humidity will kill ya! But I prefer the heat to the
cold so I can’t complain too much.

I work in sales for a major company in the corporate office near DFW
Airport. It’s an okay job but I would much prefer doing something with
computers. I plan to go back to school for programming in the near future
when finances allow. I could have a much easier life with my daughter then.

I have always loved to write although I think I could use lots of work. I found
it was a way of releasing my emotions and expressing myself. Anyway, I hope
you can find some comfort here at our site and a knowledge of yourself hidden
somewhere between the lines of a poem you may run across. E-mail me with
any comments.

Thanks for stopping by!