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For You

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You came into me like a warm summer wind.
I wanted you so much, but I'd hide and pretend.
It seems so crazy, the way that I feel,
But I can't help myself, It's my heart that you steal.
Sometimes I wonder, how it happened this way.
But for everything in life, there's a price you must pay.
I feel like I've paid now. The damage is done.
And now I have you, and our love has begun.
It's different for me, not to know my own mind.
but you give me so much, you're so gentle and kind.
Whatever happens, you're a part of me.
To keep giving and sharing for a love that's so free.
I don't know why, or how long it will last.
But my feelings for you are so unlike the past
I can't figure it out, and I won't even try
'cause the happiness you bring gives a natural high.
I would never hurt you. It would  kill  me inside.
This will be my last chance, for I have too much pride
I give you my all, for I need you too much.
I'll live for your love, your caress and your touch.
I will love you babe until  time stands still.
I give you myself and I always will....

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Last Updated 4/25/01
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